Magnatos is your technology partner for all your digital marketing needs. Whether it's getting your business online or building a strong customer relationship process, our development, maintenance and support services and offshore development center offerings take the technology challenges away from your team and help you focus on your core competencies.

In recent years, content marketing has gained momentum and has become essential for many companies, many publications are produced, and it can slightly inflate the information of the audience, therefore the user has become more demanding and personal. content targeted to their needs and interests.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing and media; Nowadays, communication with consumers is driven by human relationships, which can be created and strengthened through, for example, electronic marketing and social networks.

Our digital marketing services ensure novelty, innovation and increase your sales and ROI.



Internet users now research various products and services online before choosing a specialist or health center. It is also important to adapt your website and communication strategy to the demands of people and new trends in digital communication so that you do not fall behind your competition


Current financial marketing strategies are developed using information systems obtained from customers, so a good implementation of information promotes the business culture of a banking organization. Advertising in PPC plays an important role in financial marketing, because it can direct an advertising campaign to markets that are of interest to the financial sector.


Digital marketing in the world of entertainment has given artists themselves the opportunity to improve their ability to communicate with their target audience through digital platforms. The transmission of video or audio content (webcasting), video on demand (video-on-demand), user hyper-connectivity and massive content piracy have redefined the business model of the industry. Digital transformation allows you to add new technologies and logic to your business strategy to grow and improve it.


Digital marketing has been a strategic move for many law firms because it not only sets them apart from others but also builds relationships with their clients. This measure can generate high returns without a large investment.


Consumers have come to rely on digital channels throughout the purchase funnel. As search engines like Google and Bing add more information and tools for travel, they become increasingly important to consumers. Hotel marketing has come in many forms from websites to social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Finding the right technology partner for distribution management can help reduce inventory distribution costs.


Selling a vehicle has never been easier. Thanks to the information obtained from social networks, it is possible to segment communication into different niches, either by geography, gender, interests and more. Now it is no longer expected that the consumer will see the advertisements, but that the advertisement will reach the right consumer at the right time.


Educational marketing strategies of educational institutions should be directed individually according to needs and preferences. The approach must be humane, based on promoting the growth of people through knowledge and skills. To ensure long-term success, the institution must constantly monitor these "inputs" and "inflows" to make changes and optimize the desired result: satisfied graduates, encourage positive attitudes, motivate new students.


Many entrepreneurs are exceptional in their field, which is why they open their own business. But not all these entrepreneurs know digital marketing and how a digital marketing strategy can work for them. As more shoppers use digital sources to browse, learn and buy home improvement products, brands have an opportunity to develop better digital shopping experiences for their customers. Many customers who purchase tools and home care products indicated that they search for products online while in the store.